DJ Ruff Is Out To Conquer The Gospel Industry

Give the right artist the right beat and they can conquer the world! But what happens when that artist is the same one who is playing the songs on air as well as featuring on the track? Anything is possible, the star and not even the sky becomes the limit.

That is exactly the kind of energy we experienced when we were LIVE in the wild at one of Kenya’s most exciting tourist attractions – The Ngong Hills. You can tell just be buying in his presence that he is something special and he brings fresh new energy that the industry needs right now. To start with, he has won “Deejay of The Year” twice at the Groove Awards as well as having two very successful shows on Ghetto Radio and a TV show on Maisha Magic. On top of that, he spends weekends recording his own music. If this is not dedication to one’s craft then I don’t know what is.

Discover more about his music and his story as he literally explored the Ngong Hills.

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