DJ Poizon Ivy Keeps It Real!

When DJ Poizon Ivy also known as Ivy Awino landed the biggest break of her career by becoming the official in-arena Dallas Mavericks basketball team DJ, all Kenyan women in music did a little dance of celebration. Whether you want to admit it or not, this is a big deal. And two years later our girl is still going strong!

From correctly predicting the name of J.Cole’s debut album from an interview in 2010 and that the Mavericks would win the NBA Championship in 2011, this babe truly has a knack for seeing the future. If her sixth sense is anything to go by, we foresee her domination of the music and ball scene reaching unprecedented heights.

She was back in the motherland and had a chat with our Ciku Shire about what she’s been up to and that famous Cardi B moment!

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