DJ Coco Em Balances Her Two Passions

For most creatives in the country, it is very hard and very expensive to balance two creative outputs in your life. Usually, the one that makes the most money is the one that rules your life. A girl gotta eat, pay rent and do other things that need money. Emma Nzokia, alias DJ Coco Em, has managed to find a way!

Considering that her two passions; film and deejaying are male-dominated fields it is admirable that she has made it this far. In regards to the deejaying, she started by posting music and videos that she liked on her page and this was quickly followed by words of encouragement by her fans. Then came her entry into a DJ competition that didn’t go down very well, but gave her the confidence to continue mastering her craft. At the same time, however, her film career both in photography and long-form content was still happening! Through her income as working as a photographer was she able to afford her DJ equipment.

From here she has somehow miraculously managed to keep balancing the two and reach great heights in both fields. She played at the first ever edition of Boiler Room here in Kenya and worked on the set of Netflix produced Sense8! Sema goals!!

Catch up with this super talented babe on #LIT360!

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