Director Extraordinaire Enos Olik Is On The Spot!

It is hard to talk about the music video production industry (yes because it is a whole industry of its own!) without mentioning Enos Olik and the effort he has made to help the industry grow. He started off as a musician, before becoming a photographer which then pushed him to videography and direction so he knows the ins and outs of the trade – what it feels like to be on both sides of the camera – something that not many directors can claim.

When you learn that the guy who directed “Nishike” by Sauti Sol, which was for many at that time controversial and ground-breaking, is self-taught he becomes even more inspiring and deserves even more respect. Just in case that passed you by, that means that he taught himself video direction using free online tools. Yes! Like Video director equivalent of Julius Yego! If they can do it, then what is stopping you from professionalizing your talent as well?

Anyway, before we go on a rant encouraging you to follow your passions take a look at Enos Olik talking to Ciku about his.

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