#ChukuaSelfie Sweeps The Nation

With over 1 million views ALREADY this banger needs no introduction!! It is not a case of hard hitters coming on a track together simply to make a track together, it is legends (yes Fena is a legend!) coming together to blend their style of music and give us something that is intrinsically Kenyan.

We as a nation have been accused both within our borders and beyond of not having a unique “sound” that we can claim as our own. This song rubbishes that claim completely, produced by Decimal records the jam finds a way to mix all the individual sounds of the different artists featured to make a certified masterpiece.

Then we cannot finish this article without giving the visuals of the music video the respect that they deserve! In our opinion, they showcase all the things we love about Kenya! The nyeges that always seem to be flying in the air, beautiful people, the amazing nightlife and let us not forget those beach scenes!

Let Kenyan music continue to prosper like this in 2019 Jameni! This jam has demonstrated that the sky is not the limit, the stars are! We just have to want to reach them bad enough.

Check out the dope track below.

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