Chronixx: Here Comes The Danger!

An dem seh here comes trouble, here comes the danger” 

These days there are very few places you can go to in Kenya with music playing and not hear this song. Chronixx has taken the reggae scene by storm! He has been singing almost as long as he has been walking with inspiration and encouragement from his father, who is also considered a legend in the industry. His name Chronixx is actually a short version of his father’s stage name of “Chronicle,” they make the ultimate father and son team.

Like most people who visit this great land, Kenya holds a special place in his heart. He has been quoted as saying that after Jamaica, Kenya is home to his second biggest fan base. With this information at hand, it is no surprise that after only 5 years he came back to put up another show for all his Kenyan fans. Above and beyond his performance he also visited the needy who were in awe of simply his presence.

Catch up with him via #LIT360 to see what he got up to and more!

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