Charisma Shows Us What Makes Him So Special!

Charisma, better known for being a part of the musical group Le Band, has been in the music scene for a while and the minute we saw him we knew he was anything but ordinary. After tasting success with the group, he has finally decided to step out on his own and pursue indiviual projects. As he has made perfectly clear in his interview with us and other places this does not mean that the group is about to split at all! They are simply taking a break from releasing their music so that they can follow in Charisma’s footsteps. We could not be happier!

If anything, we think that this will be good for the group because we will be able to love them individually and then love them all over again once they start releasing music together once again!

Anyhoo, enough of our rambling just listen to Charisma tell his amazing story.

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