Boondocks Gang Did Not Come To Play!

When the crew Boondocks Gang came to the scene we were all a bit shocked with how crass and crude their lyrics were. But just like we did with Ethic, Sailors and Ochungulo Family we got on board! Their lyrics might be a bit too much for the older generation but for their audience (people ages 18 to 24) this is right up their ally! And more so, even though they are talking about getting down they always make sure to slide in messaging about safe sex.

Within a very short time, they have managed to elevate their brand of music and amass a very large following. This is evident from the quality of their most recent music video which featured internet sensations DJ Shitti and  Kartelo to help it gain traction. And gain traction it has!

To many, the Boondocks Gang are big superstars on the rise, but to others in their hood, they are their friends. We were fortunate to experience that comradery first hand when they went home for a visit.

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