An Oldie’ But A Goldie – Horace Brown!

Some of us may be too young to actually know who Horace Brown, his tracks might be a bit more recognizable. And that is totally okay!! As long as you recognize class, you’re doing well.

The rhythm and blues singer at first had no intentions of pursuing music, he wanted to play basketball and become one of the greats like Michael Jordan; God had other plans. A knee injury made sure that we had the hits and although it is a bit dark to say, we surely don’t mind. He has come along way from singing in a choir to touring the world, having singles with Jay-Z and Diddy and being on all good 90’s mix’s known to man!

On top of being a hitmaker he is also the author of his own story in the form of an autobiography and if our interview with him is anything to go by, the book must be a page-turner! Get a sneak peak with #LIT360!


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