2018: The Year That Was!

It may be the 10th day of the new year but that doesn’t mean we’ve recovered from the madness that was 2018. For many, it was 2017 all over again, and for others, it was the year that saw them reach their real potential.

In our humble opinion, the biggest stars of 2018 had to be (in no particular order):

  • Fena Gitu!

This babe’s picture should be in the dictionary for the definition of hard work! She has shown us to be talented is one thing but working hard to take that talent to another level is a whole different ball game. Despite the naysayers, she has managed to break records and keep giving us the hits. Above and beyond that she provides the best value for brands looking to tap into her reach; Smirnoff Vodka, Marini and Denri are examples of that. She has set the tone and we cannot see what she has in store for us in 2019!

  • Naiboi 

Not many people know how long this guy has been in the rap game but let us be the ones to tell you, it has been a while. He started off as strictly a rapper – his stage name was even Rap Damu – before transitioning into the greatness that he is now, which is a mixture of both rapping and singing. We cannot begin to count for you how many marriages were sealed with his hit “2 in 1” but we can join you in excitedly waiting for all the greatness he’s going to unleash in 2019.

  • Sauti Sol 

These guys almost always make the list of the best musicians every year, but again in our opinion this year was different. With their album release – Afrikan Sauce – they showed us not only are they HUGE in Kenya but they are verified African stars. Having the clout to pull as many stars as they did onto one album is not easy but they did a very good job!

Special mention must go out to Muthoni the Drummer Queen and Blinky Bill who changed the game with #10YearsOf Blankets and Wine and the release of his album respectfully.

But hey, that’s just what we think. Check out what our girl Fena thinks were the game changers of 2018 and some of her fondest memories of new year’s that have come to pass.


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