10 Songs To Help You Make It To Pay-Day!

We know this is that Indomie sponsored week, so to bring some cheer into your home we have compiled a few jams that you can put on repeat as you wait for pay-day!

Sauti Sol – Unconditionally Bae

Because you KNOW when you are inviting your shawwrty over for some cuddles they better love you absolutely and truthfully when you feed them that Indomie.

Rihanna – B**** Better Have My Money

We are not advocating for violence against anyone, but just be sure the time for debt collecting has come.

Nyashinski – Marathon Runner

Because with all the rain, traffic you know this week is going to be nothing but a marathon so don’t let the FOMO bug bite, you just tighten up your belt and remember you will get through this!

Jay Z – Anything (Hard Knock Life)

If he made it through the struggle and has managed to become one of the richest men in hip hop then you too will make it through this!

Zero Sufuri – Zimenishika

This one is pretty self-explanatory…..

T.I ft Young Thug – About The Money

Just some inspiration for you as you plan for next month…..

Bruno Mars – Lazy Song

What is the point of going to work or school if it’s cheaper to stay at home? Jibambe!

Blinky Bill – Mungu Halali

So that you know that even if things are not going well right now, they will pick up eventually because God is on your side!

Cardi B – Money

Nameless ft Khaligraph Jones – Megarider

Have faith in you and all that you can do!

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